Exploring “Beyond Bamboo” at the Third Session of Bamboost Forum

Base Bahay Foundation, Inc. (BASE) is bringing global bamboo experts and advocates to its annual Bamboost Forum titled, “Beyond Bamboo: Bridging Green Construction in Codes and Standards” this June 7, 2024, at De La Salle University Manila.

The Bamboost Forum 2024 is gearing up to be a significant event in the journey toward green construction, and BASE is excited to invite professional builders, bamboo advocates, and enthusiasts to be part of this event.

Joining this event to share their expertise in bamboo construction are Dr. David Trujillo of Coventry University, Ewe Jin Low of TENTEN and Better Bamboo Buildings, David Sans of Rizome, Dr. Lessandro Garciano of the Association of Structural Engineers of the Philippines (ASEP) and De La Salle University, and Luis Felipe Lopez, the resident expert of BASE.

The 1st District Representative of Bukidnon, Hon. Jose Manuel Alba will also deliver the keynote message for this event. Congressman Alba filed House Bill (HB) 9144, which advocates for the integration of bamboo into the built environment.

This year’s forum aims to push the boundaries of traditional construction practices and highlight the importance of including bamboo in the National Structural Code of the Philippines (NSCP).

The integration of bamboo into construction practices offers various environmental, economic, and structural advantages, making it an ideal choice for sustainable construction.

  1. Sustainability: Bamboo is a rapidly renewable resource. Its quick growth rate makes it an environment-friendly alternative to traditional building materials.
  2. Carbon Sequestration: Using bamboo in construction helps mitigate carbon emissions and combat climate change.
  3. Cost-effectiveness: Its availability and fast growth contribute to lower production costs, making it an economically viable option for construction projects.
  4. Strength and Durability: With the right technology, it is exceptionally resilient and can withstand heavy loads and extreme weather conditions.
  5. Livelihood Generating: Integrating bamboo into construction provides local farmers with income-generating opportunities while also promoting the use of locally sourced materials.

As professional leaders, participation in the Bamboost Forum is instrumental in putting bamboo into mainstream construction. Collectively, this can influence policy decisions, drive industry standards, and pave the way for a more sustainable built environment.

To register for this event, visit BASE social media accounts.


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