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Our bamboo housing technology

Selection of bamboo

Engineering starts with the selection of the right bamboo poles. In the Philippines, the Bambusa Blumeana species (locally called Kawayan Tinik) with width of 8-11 cm, aging 3-5 years, and carefully selected straight poles devoid of cracks and infestation is singled out.


Treatment of bamboo is done in an environmentally safe and effective method to provide long-term resistance against insects and molds. The latter is one key element in ensuring durable structures.


A Base house uses a conventional concrete foundation of highest quality designed to accommodate the prefabricated bamboo panels. This creates the basis for structural integrity of the house.

Panel Prefabrication

The panel prefabrication enables the production of the unit in a quality controlled and weather protected environment. These are modular and can be designed according to the needs of the customer. Base modules can be categorized as door, window and full panels.

Panel Installation

Prefabricated panels allow the installation to be more efficient. Within three (3) hours, one floor can be erected. A standardized construction process mitigates possible errors in construction.


Cladding completes the final aesthetic appearance of Base houses. A conventional mortar cladding protects the bamboo from the damaging effects of water, direct sunlight and it increases fire resistance.

Roof Frame

Base uses round bamboo to shape hip and gable roofs as these space structures carry the roof load.

Benefits of Base houses

Base utilizes local and sustainable materials as the core of its resilient building technologies.

Base housing solutions are developed together with the communities and address issues on health, employment, and culture. The houses are designed to offer room partition and gender sensitivity.

Base houses can be constructed as one, two, or even three story structures and can be built as single detached, duplex or row houses.

The houses allow the integration of conventional and alternative basic services of energy, water, sanitation and solid waste management. Base housing design enable natural air circulation.


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