Base Bahay Foundation, Inc. at the AP Housing Forum 2019 in Makati, Philippines

Last July Base Bahay Foundation, Inc. (BBFI) was invited to speak at this year’s Asia Pacific Housing Forum (APHF). The Housing Forum was a 3-day conference organized by Habitat for Humanity with the aim to connect stakeholders engaged in finding solutions for inadequate shelter issues and promoting affordable housing as a driver of economic growth. This year, each day of the program was dedicated to one of three categories: “Land Ownership and the Key to Socialized Housing”, “Markets, Public and Private sector Solutions for Housing”, and “Building Disaster Resilient Communities and Cities.” Various groups were present, from local government and non-government organizations, to members of the private sector.

On the second day, under “Markets, Public, and Private sector Solutions for Housing,” General Manager of Base Bahay Foundation Maricen Jalandoni was invited as speaker for the morning plenary session where she talked about the Cement Bamboo Frame Technology and Building Beyond Today. Here, Ms. Jalandoni was able to emphasize the importance of building for tomorrow, a conversation relevant since the recent natural calamities have devastated Filipinos.
“Building beyond today is really thinking about the future. How do we build today so we don’t have to worry about events like what happened in Batanes, with houses that have fallen because of earthquakes; or how we’re going to help people who are constantly worried when the next typhoon comes”

Through the stories of those Base Bahay has worked with from harvesting to housing beneficiaries, Ms. Jalandoni urged that it was important not just for other NGOs and LGUs participate but the private sector as well; proposing that such a product could be delivered that includes the participation and consideration of those along the chain of production.

“It’s not enough that people are given houses, but what is important is along the entire chain, from the time you start to the time you turn over the houses, people have learned the skills that they can use for the future.”

Ms. Jalandoni ended by reiterating: Base hopes to show the importance of building with a material that is sustainable, but more importantly, building with a system that involves the community and that has a positive impact on society.


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