Salcedo Eastern Samar

Barangay Cagaut, Salcedo is a coastal village in Eastern Samar that is no stranger to the overwhelming consequences of typhoons. The surge of typhoon Yolanda not only destroyed multiple homes and livelihoods but also created serious damage to the ecological systems of the area. After experiencing many disasters similar to this, a need for proper disaster risk reduction measures that do not degrade the natural resources of the province eventually emerged. This is the driving force behind the partnership of Base Bahay and the Institute of Environmental Science for Social Change.

The Institute Environmental Science for Social Change (ESSC) is a Jesuit-based research and training institute that works to utilize both scientific research and sociology to promote environmental sustainability across Asia. Base Bahay collaborated with this group to create a comprehensive review of various relocation sites for typhoon victims, in order to design sustainable homes that are suitable for the natural conditions of these areas. ESSC’s expertise in the field of environmental sustainability and disaster reduction combined with Base Bahay’s technological resources enables both organizations to actively provide families with the opportunity to rebuild their lives in a concrete and sustainable manner – through proper permanent housing. Moreover, members of the Cagaut community also received skills training in construction and roofing to increase their opportunities of attaining additional livelihood in the near future. “Build Back Better” serves as the central theme for this project as it captures both the essence and the actions to be implemented in order to uplift the local community.

The beneficiaries of this project are members of a community whose main livelihood is fishing. They will be relocated from the lower area to Cagaut to the upper area in order to ensure that their residences are less at risk of floods.

Houses Built: 37 houses (18 duplex units)
Beneficiary Profile: Families living in danger zones
Area: Barangay Cagaut, Salcedo, Eastern Samas
Housing Type: Single-storey Duplex


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