Don Jose Berenguer Bamboo Village

As a city found in the “tropical cyclone highway” of the Philippines, Sorsogon is usually one of the first areas in the country to be affected by typhoons. The constant rising sea levels, landslides, and storm surges pose immediate threats to many residents’ safety, lifestyle, and well-being. Thus, both Base Bahay and the local government of Sorsogon believe that proper shelter is necessary to ensure that the people of Sorsogon continue to live meaningful lives free of any danger due to natural disasters. Base Bahay’s direct partnership with the local government of Sorsogon enables it to fulfil this objective, without compromising the environmental or economical development of the city.

Base Bahay has constructed a total of 50 houses with the Cement Bamboo Frame Technology in order to provide housing for informal settlers who live along the coast and other potential disaster-zones around the area. Bamboo harvested in Sorsogon will also be utilised to support the local livelihood and maximize sustainable use of the province’s natural resources.

Houses Built: 50
Beneficiary Profile: Low-income families, urban poor
Area: Sorsogon, Bicol
Housing Type: Single-storey Duplex


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