The Bon-Bon Resettlement Project Phase III

Silay, a vibrant cultural city located in the northern area of Negros Occidental, is home to a large plain terrain that extends from the coastline to the inland. It is a city surrounded by a series of hills, mountain ranges, and bodies of water (Silay City, 2017). Due to this geographical location, the area of Silay is commonly affected by a large number of typhoons, thus damaging from 2,000-5,000 houses over time (Galvin, 2014). This effectively widens the increasing housing gap present in the city, while forcing many to live in disaster-zone areas.

Thus, Base Bahay has collaborated with Habitat for Humanity and the local government of Silay to create “The BonBon Resettlement Project Phase III”; an initiative to provide its communities with environmentally sustainable homes in safe vicinities. The project aims to build 546 homes for a community of low-income families, victims of typhoon Yolanda, and individuals who live in disaster zones. The community members themselves have decided to call their village the “Katuwang Community’ which means “support on both sides”. Though “Katuwang” also literally means “partner”, the community chose this name to symbolize the beginning of a lifelong support system through long-term community development. With this, all organizations involved also contribute towards the response of providing housing for approximately 10,000 informal settlers and families living in precarious areas throughout the city. The provision of shelter serves as the foundation for authentic community building and ultimately, the transformation of people’s lives.

Target number of houses to be built: 546 houses
Beneficiary Profile: Low-income families, victims of typhoon Yolanda who live in disaster-zones
Area: Silay, Negros Occidental
Housing Type: Single-Storey Duplex


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