Calibrating Two Wood Moisture Meters for Two Species of Bamboo


Carlo Cacanando, Base Bahay Foundation Inc.
Luis Felipe López, Base Bahay Foundation Inc.
David J A Trujillo, Coventry University


The moisture content of bamboo is critical to its treatment and use. However, determining the moisture through oven drying is impractical for most applications. Moisture meters however are able to estimate the moisture content almost instantaneously. In this study, two moisture meters, Benetech GM610 and Brookhuis FMC were calibrated for two bamboo species: Bambusa Vulgaris and Bambusa Blumeana. The tests were done on dry Bambusa Blumeana and Vulgaris, and green Bambusa Blumeana. It was found that dry bamboo could be accurately measured using these devices, while for green bamboo the results were inconclusive.


Material Characterization


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