Establishing the Characteristic Shear Strength of a Local Bamboo Species: Bambusa Blumeana (Kawayan Tinik)


Brian Bautista, De La Salle University
Lessandro Estelito O. Garciano, De La Salle University
Luis Felipe López Base Bahay Foundation Inc.


The mechanical properties of a structural material such as flexure, shear, and compressive strengths are needed in the structural design process. Unfortunately, published studies of the shear strength of an important local species: Bambusa blumeana (Kawayan Tinik) are limited. The authors focused on this property since joint connections are possible points of failure when a bamboo structure is subjected to extreme loads. The latest ISO 22157-1 test protocol and ISO 12122-1 were used to establish the shear strengths of twelve bamboo samples from Laguna. The results show that the average shear and characteristic shear strengths of Kawayan Tinik are 12.2 MPa and 9.56 MPa, respectively. Since testing facilities are limited at the site, the authors also proposed a linear model to estimate the shear strength of bamboo using the physical properties derived from the tests.


Material Characterization


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