Construction Methods and the Environmental Benefits of Sustainable Building Practices

Construction Methods and the Environmental Benefits of Sustainable Building Practices

When building your dream house, you naturally want the best materials available. Historically, earth bricks, wood, and concrete have been the go-to options for construction. However, the continued use of these materials have caused higher negative environmental impact. According to Forbes, the real estate sector is responsible for nearly 40% of global carbon dioxide emissions while building operations contribute roughly 70% of these emissions, and construction activities account for 30%.

Many people have turned to sustainable construction methods and materials to address these concerns. This approach prioritizes using green building materials and sustainable construction methods that aim to reduce carbon emission while promoting environmentally friendly practices. Here are some of the sustainable construction methods to achieve this goal and their environmental benefits:

Design for sustainability

The first step in encouraging sustainable building is to design with sustainability in mind. Addressing the environmental effect of a building prior to construction, designers may minimize the carbon emissions of the structure while optimizing its energy efficiency and sustainability. Sustainable design approaches may significantly decrease the energy required, materials consumed, and waste produced.

Use sustainable building materials

Bamboo is widely acknowledged as a sustainable and renewable building material, making it an ideal choice for sustainable construction. In a study conducted, bamboo has an embodied energy which is very low when compared to other construction materials like concrete, steel, and plastic. Bamboo also helps in controlling erosion and flooding as well as controlling the local climates through photosynthesis. In addition, bamboo is a good option for people searching on eco-friendly building materials due to its sustainable harvesting methods and positive environmental impact.

Reduce waste

Construction is widely known for generating a significant amount of wastes. One effective way of reducing waste is by using precise measurements in material cutting and production and improving waste management through recycling. Integrating alternative building technologies with effective waste management systems is critical to achieving sustainable construction and reducing wastage. Partnering with organizations like BASE, that developed the Cement-Bamboo Frame Technology (CBFT), will provide access to new innovations and waste mitigation initiatives.

Implement sustainable practices

Contractors have the opportunity to promote environmental stewardship by adopting sustainable practices. One way to conserve natural resources is to encourage workers to practice eco-friendly habits such as recycling and composting. We can also reduce the building’s environmental effects through water conservation methods, such as utilizing low-flow water fixtures and collecting and recycling rainwater. These sustainable approaches support ecological preservation and show commitment to responsible construction practices.

Sustainable future starts with sustainable construction. Using eco-friendly materials and sustainable construction practices can drastically reduce negative environmental impacts. Base is committed to helping organizations, government agencies, and private institutions accomplish this objective by providing sustainable housing solutions.

Base Bahay Foundation, Inc (BASE) is the pioneer of Cement-Bamboo Framework  in the Philippines. BASE builds affordable and disaster-resilient structures using bamboo-based technology. Through continuous research in the Base Innovation Center (BIC), BASE is optimizing the technology and looking for new applications outside its standard model. BASE also offers training courses under its Bamboo Academy program to share the alternative building technologies and provide further knowledge on bamboo construction. Learn more about BASE initiatives and join the movement in building a better tomorrow.

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