Cement-Bamboo Frame Structures

Exploring Cement-Bamboo Frame Structures in Construction

Cement-Bamboo Frame Technology (CBFT) is revolutionizing the construction industry, providing affordable and sustainable housing solutions. This innovative construction method combines cement’s strength with bamboo’s natural resilience, showcasing bamboo as a viable and sustainable building material. 

The collaboration between cement and bamboo creates disaster-resilient, energy-efficient, and aesthetically pleasing structures. Whether it’s a single detached house, a two-story residence, or a special structure – Structures using CBFT offer versatility in design while ensuring safety and longevity. This innovative approach supports global efforts toward sustainable construction by reducing carbon emissions and promoting alternative building technologies.

Base Bahay Foundation, Inc (BASE) pioneered this technology in the Philippines by utilizing bamboo-based frameworks to create sustainable and resilient structures. Let’s delve into the world of Cement-Bamboo Frame Structures and explore how they offer numerous benefits for different types of construction, contributing to the attainment of sustainable development goals and mitigating negative environmental impacts.

Residential Structures

CBFT offers significant advantages for residential structures, promoting bamboo housing in the Philippines and sustainable construction practices. The incorporation of bamboo, which is a renewable material and abundant in the Philippines reduces costs, while its natural resilience enhances the durability and safety of these houses. Here are some of BASE’s residential structures using the Cement-Bamboo Frame Technology: 

  1. Single-storey Houses

CBFT homes can be built in either single-detached, duplex, triplex, or row houses. Majority of the BASE socialized homes are single-storey houses commonly with a total floor area of 25 sqm. This type of house contains two (2) bedrooms, a dining and living room, a bathroom, and a kitchen extension. The design also varies depending on the needs of the community.

  1. Two-Story Structures

BASE has been recently accredited by the Accreditation of Innovative Technologies for Housing (AITECH) committee to build up to two-storey structures. BASE’s first two-storey housing project is located in Jaro, IloIlo in partnership with Homeless People’s Federation of the Philippines (HPFP) in 2012. These houses can withstand wind zones up to 200 kph. Currently, BASE is building two-storey duplex housing in Panabo, Davao in partnership with AOF Foundation. These homes are composed of three (3) bedrooms, a bathroom, a living and dining room, and a kitchen extension.

Special Structures

The technology extends beyond residential buildings and offers tremendous benefits for special structures, integrating bamboo research and development. Bamboo-based technology allows for the construction of multipurpose buildings and livelihood facilities, supporting the goal of providing socially inclusive and environmentally friendly spaces.

  1. Weaving Center:

In a remarkable expansion beyond housing initiatives, The Hilti Foundation, BASE, Holcim Philippines, Inc., and Kanya Kawayan co-develop the Kanya Kawayan Weaving Center in Nasugbu, Batangas. Spanning 148 square meters, this innovative hub serves as the production site for artisanal creations, showcasing the remarkable potential of bamboo while generating employment and alternative livelihood opportunities for women. With a commitment to sustainability, the Weaving Center stands as a beacon of empowerment, symbolizing the transformative power of partnerships in fostering economic growth, and environmental consciousness.

  1. Children’s Home:

Happyland in Tondo, Manila, is renowned as one of the most impoverished areas in Metro Manila, housing a high concentration of vulnerable urban poor residents, including children in conflict with the law. In 2017, For People (4P), a humanitarian organization, envisioned a sustainable village to provide a home for these children. The collaboration between the Hilti Foundation, BASE, and 4P brought this vision into reality by buildingthe Rejoice Children’s Village in Nasugbu, Batangas. The village is comprised of four Children’s Homes or eight (8) units accommodating up to six children and two caretakers each, alongside a community center and housing units for other families in need, offering a nurturing and secure environment where these children can thrive, grow, and embrace a brighter future within a supportive community.

  1. Multipurpose Building

This building located in Bagong Silangan, Quezon City is a product of the Engaged Beyond Business (EBB) Program of the Hilti Foundation wherein executive management team of Hilti A2 Region participated in the construction of this structure together with BASE and the Vincentian Foundation. This structure serves as a post-harvesting facility of the Planting for Productivity (P4P) project and is part of the Kawayan Housing community.

BASE aims to create sustainable solutions that not only address housing needs but also support economic growth and community development, fostering a more sustainable future. BASE leads the way in implementing this innovative technology in the Philippines, promoting sustainable and socially inclusive housing options.

Base Bahay Foundation, Inc (BASE) is the pioneer of Cement-Bamboo Framework  in the Philippines. BASE builds affordable and disaster-resilient structures using bamboo-based technology. Through continuous research in the Base Innovation Center (BIC), BASE is optimizing the technology and looking for new applications outside its standard model. BASE also offers training courses under its Bamboo Academy program to share the alternative building technologies, provide further knowledge about bamboo, and engage other institutions in sustainable construction. Learn more about BASE!

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