BASE’s three (3) EDGE Certified Experts

EDGE Green Building Certification: BASE’s Commitment to Sustainable Construction

The importance of being eco-friendly has never been more pressing, and Base Bahay Foundation, Inc. (BASE) is an outstanding model of sustainable housing and construction. As an initiative of the Hilti Foundation, BASE is dedicated to providing alternative building technologies that produces quality socialized homes that are comfortable, affordable, disaster-resilient, and environment-friendly with social impact. The use of bamboo-based technology, combined with unique approach to engineering and community building, is a crucial part of BASE’s commitment toward sustainability.

Base Bahay – Revolutionizing Sustainable Housing

BASE’s mission is centered on developing sustainable housing solutions that meet the needs of local communities. It also emphasizes the use of locally grown and renewable materials, making every project environmentally responsible and community-centric. BASE is redefining sustainable housing in the Philippines and beyond by bridging the gap between traditional building techniques and modern innovations.

Sustainable Building with Cement-Bamboo Frame Technology

At the heart of BASE’s sustainable construction lies the cement-bamboo frame technology. This groundbreaking approach combines bamboo’s strength and versatility with cement’s durability, resulting in eco-friendly and structurally sound buildings. The use of bamboo-based technology not only reduces construction carbon footprint but also contributes to the revival of traditional building practices in the Philippines.

BASE’s unwavering commitment to bamboo research and development has positioned the foundation as a leader in the field. It strives to deliver sustainable solutions that benefit the environment and local communities by continuously exploring new ways to optimize this construction marvel.

EDGE Green Building Certification – Raising the Standard for Sustainability

In the quest to further promote sustainable construction, BASE sought to validate its efforts through EDGE Green Building Certification. EDGE (Excellence in Design for Greater Efficiencies) is a globally recognized certification system developed by the International Finance Corporation (IFC), a member of the World Bank Group. EDGE focuses on making buildings more resource-efficient, thus supporting emerging markets like the Philippines.

The EDGE certification aims to reduce energy and water consumption and energy footprint in constructing buildings. By obtaining EDGE certification, BASE has demonstrated its adherence to rigorous sustainability standards. This certification not only enhances its credibility but also attracts investors and partners who share its vision for a greener and more sustainable future.

BASE’s EDGE Certified Experts and Current Projects

BASE has six (6) EDGE Certified Experts: Dr. Pablo Jorillo, Engr. Vembee Gohetia, Ar. Luigee Castillo, Ar. Sheila Mendoza, Ar. Jonalyn Nacino, and Engr. Carlo Cacanando. These professionals play a vital role in ensuring that BASE’s projects meet the stringent requirements of sustainable construction set forth by EDGE.

One notable project that showcases BASE’s commitment to sustainable housing is its collaboration with Linkbuild and Reall. This partnership aims to build 20 housing units in Albay, addressing the region’s housing needs while promoting environmentally friendly practices. Aside from this project, BASE has also constructed community houses and supply and treatment facilities, showcasing its dedication to empowering communities and sustainable housing solutions. 

The Benefits of EDGE Certification

EDGE certification has a multitude of benefits, both for BASE and the communities it serves. By adhering to EDGE’s sustainable design principles, BASE can optimize resource use, reduce energy consumption, and minimize waste. This approach benefits the environment and results in cost savings, making every project more economically viable in the long run.

For homeowners, EDGE-certified homes are built to last for decades, ensuring a wise and long-lasting investment. Beyond financial advantages, these environmentally friendly homes contribute to a greener planet, positively impacting your finances and the environment.

Moreover, EDGE certification sets BASE apart in the competitive construction market, opening doors to potential partners who prioritize sustainability and social impact.

BASE’s dedication to sustainable housing and construction is evident through its innovative use of bamboo-based technology and its commitment to environmentally responsible practices. Its decision to pursue EDGE Green Building Certification further solidifies its role as trailblazer in the industry. With a vision of creating a greener and more sustainable future, BASE is an inspiration to architects, housing advocates, and communities alike.

Base Bahay Foundation, Inc (BASE) is the pioneer of Cement-Bamboo Framework in the Philippines. BASE builds affordable and disaster-resilient structures using bamboo-based technology. Through continuous research in the Base Innovation Center (BIC), BASE is optimizing the technology and looking for new applications outside its standard model. BASE also offers training courses under its Bamboo Academy program to share alternative building technologies, provide further knowledge about bamboo, and engage other institutions in sustainable construction. Learn more about BASE!

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