Putting Bamboo in Mainstream Construction

Approximately 30 percent of the urban population in Asia-Pacific, which accounts for 570 million people, lives in houses declared as inadequate. This basically means that millions of families are living in unsustainable housing conditions.

Over the past few years, the Asia-Pacific region has also consistently witnessed a high frequency of natural disasters, adversely affecting millions of people by causing loss of life, property, and livelihoods. These recurring calamities underscore the pressing need for resilient housing solutions that can mitigate the devastating impacts of such events.

BASE, as a non-profit organization initiated and supported by the Hilti Foundation, elevates the standard of socialized housing through the Cement-Bamboo Frame Technology (CBFT), an Accreditation of Innovative Technologies for Housing (AITECH) accredited prefabricated frame system.

This technology employs conventional mortar in conjunction with locally sourced bamboo to construct buildings that cater to the requirements of local communities living in regions susceptible to natural disasters.

One of the main objectives of BASE is to provide durable and sustainable housing for communities all over the world using renewable materials.

Application of Cement-Bamboo Frame Technology

The Philippines is known to be one of the most disaster-prone countries in the world and is highly susceptible to seismic risks and frequent typhoons. Consequently, it is crucial that construction technologies employed in the country need to be reliable, durable, and in compliance with the implementing rules and regulations.

To ensure that the housing technology is disaster-resilient, BASE initiated by the Hilti Foundation has worked hand in hand to develop the Cement-Bamboo Frame Technology (CBFT). This alternative building technology has undergone multiple tests in materials, connections, and systems to prove its reliability as a building technology.

This led to a structurally performing, reliable, and durable construction method that is used in housing projects within the Philippines and Nepal. 

Development of the Bamboo Value Chain

Effectively incorporating this innovation, BASE is delivering sustainable, eco-friendly, and disaster-resistant homes to marginalized communities. In collaboration with its partners, BASE has constructed over 1,200 houses in the Philippines. Furthermore, it has extended its global reach through collaborative efforts in Nepal, aimed at constructing environmentally advantageous housing as it currently built over 400 homes.

Currently, BASE has achieved yet another significant milestone by building disaster-resilient structures that yield a greater economic impact, thereby benefiting more individuals with opportunities to support their families.

BASE also provides support to local farmers and bamboo suppliers through this initiative. Previously reliant on seasonal crops, local farmers now engage in year-round bamboo harvesting. In addition, supply partners across the Philippines have received training on bamboo pole treatment for construction purposes.

Due to the ongoing demand for sustainable and resilient housing in Asia-Pacific, the most recent bamboo construction technology holds a promising potential for creating a positive social, environmental, and economic impact. Learn more about cement-bamboo frame technology here at Base.

Base Bahay Foundation, Inc (BASE) is the pioneer of the Cement-Bamboo Framework in the Philippines. BASE builds affordable and disaster-resilient structures using bamboo-based technology. Through continuous research in the Base Innovation Center (BIC), BASE is optimizing the technology and looking for new applications outside its standard model. BASE also offers training courses under its Bamboo Academy program to share alternative building technologies and provide further knowledge on bamboo construction. Learn more about BASE projects and initiatives!

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